Top 4 ways of finding the right Shades of foundation

February 13, 2024
finding the right Shades of foundation

Finding the right shades of foundation and formula is the perfect way to make your skin appear flawless. The proper foundation must be almost invisible on your face. No matter how much foundation you have applied to your face, it should blend seamlessly. There are four ways of finding the right shades of foundation. It is essential to find a foundation that matches your skin tone perfectly. In order to look flawless, it is suggested to apply face toner, moisturizer, sunscreen, and makeup base. This is the main thing we have to remember to apply before wearing foundation and other products.

Here are some things you need to keep in mind next time before finding the right shades of foundation.

Know your undertone:

The foundation should match your skin’s undertone. It depends on how light or dark your skin tone is. The undertone is the natural color underneath the surface of your skin. Once you know about undertones, only then can we select the right foundation. There are three undertones i.e., warm, cool, or neutral.

  • Warm: It includes a golden, yellow, or peachy undertone.
  • Cool: It includes pink, red, and blueish undertones.
  • Neutral: If you are a mixture of cool and warm, then you are neutral.

Know your skin type:

If you know your skin type, then it will be easy to find the right foundation. There are different skin types: oily, dry, normal, and combination. The best foundation for oily skin is matte to control excessive oil production. It is better to use Maybelline Fit Me lightweight foundation for normal to dry skin. Satin foundation is best for combination skin because it adds glow to dry parts.

Know the level of coverage you desire:

Every foundation does have a level of coverage. It is important to know how to select the foundation based on its coverage. Light, medium, and full. If you plan to do natural and glowing makeup, then go for a sheer or light coverage foundation. To completely cover blemishes, hyperpigmentation, and red or dark spots, opt for a full-coverage foundation. Medium-full coverage is used for those of you who want a flawless base and a natural look.

Test it before you buy it:

How many times have we bought a foundation that swatches on your hand or on your wrist, only to realize it doesn’t match the face? Refrain from swatching the foundation on the hand or wrist; this is because the color of the hand and face are different. One of the best ways is to check on the neck and cheeks, try to blend it, and see whether it is a perfect foundation or not. Know it and buy it. Most people buy it without checking it, and they will regret it later.

Consult a makeup professional:

If you walk into a department store, then before buying a foundation, consult a makeup professional. This will be very helpful for all beginners. Some brands offer testers to interested customers for sampling, so you can use and test them. If it is perfect for you, then you can buy it. It is not recommended to buy a foundation online.

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The best way to achieve a perfect look is by choosing the right foundation and a decent application method. It is difficult to choose a foundation immediately, but with time, patience, and testing it, you will get the right shades. Not only is it for the foundation but also for other products. The more we take time to opt for foundation, the more chance there is of getting proper foundation color shades.

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