Shaping and Shining: 6 Benefits of Contour and Highlight

Benefits of contour and highlight
June 1, 2024
benefits of contour and highlight

The benefits of Contour and Highlight are the dynamic duo of the makeup world. Used together, they can transform your entire look, sculpting your features and leaving you with a radiant, defined face. Whether you’re a seasoned makeup artist or just dipping your toes into the world of cosmetics, these techniques offer a wealth of benefits. Contouring and highlighting can not only boost your confidence by enhancing your natural beauty, but they also provide a range of practical advantages. From adding dimension and flattering your face shape to creating a brighter, more balanced appearance, these tools can be used to address specific concerns and achieve a truly polished look.

Here are some benefits of contour and highlight:

1. Dimension and Definition: Our faces are naturally three-dimensional, with areas of light and shadow. Contouring uses darker shades to create shadows that recede while highlighting uses lighter shades to bring areas forward. This interplay of light and dark adds depth and definition to your facial features, particularly your cheekbones, jawline, nose, and forehead. A well-contoured face appears more sculpted and chiseled while highlighting emphasizes your best features and creates a lifted, youthful appearance.

2. Face Shape Flattery: Not everyone has an oval face, which is often considered the “ideal” shape in makeup. But fear not! Contouring and highlighting can be used to create the illusion of an oval face, regardless of your natural face shape. By strategically applying contour shades to areas you want to recede and highlighting areas you want to emphasize, you can subtly adjust the proportions of your face. For example, contouring the sides of a round face can make it appear slimmer while highlighting the center of the face can add width to a heart-shaped face.

3. Enhanced Eyes: Don’t forget about the power of contour and highlight for your eyes! Contouring the crease of your eyelid with a cool-toned brown shade creates depth and makes your eyes appear larger. Highlighting the inner corners of your eyes with a shimmery shade brightens the entire eye area and counteracts any puffiness.

4. A Brighter, More Balanced Look: Highlighting isn’t just about cheekbones! Strategic application of highlighter can address a variety of concerns and create a more balanced look. Highlighting the bridge of your nose can make it appear slimmer while highlighting the cupid’s bow (the dip above your upper lip) can make your lips appear fuller. You can even use a highlighter on your brow bone to make your brows appear lifted and your eyes wider.

5. Customizable for Every Occasion: The beauty of contour and highlight lies in its versatility. You can create a dramatic, sculpted look for a night out or a more subtle, everyday definition. The amount of product you use and the placement techniques you employ can be adjusted to suit your desired level of intensity. Play around with different shades and application methods to find what works best for you and the occasion.

6. Boost of Confidence: Ultimately, makeup is about feeling good in your own skin. Mastering the art of contour and highlight can give you a sense of control and creativity over your appearance. Seeing how these techniques can enhance your natural features and create a polished look can be a real confidence booster.

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Remember, contouring and highlighting are tools to be used for self-expression and enhancement, not to completely alter your face. When used with a light touch and proper blending, these techniques can create a natural, yet beautifully defined look that makes you feel like the most confident version of yourself.


In conclusion, contour and highlight are more than just makeup trends; they’re powerful tools that can elevate your entire makeup routine. From adding dimension and flattering your face shape to enhancing your eyes and creating a brighter, more balanced overall look, the benefits of contouring and highlighting are undeniable. The best part? These techniques can be customized to suit your personal style and desired level of drama. So, grab your favorite contour and highlight products, and unleash your inner makeup artist! With a little practice and these tips in mind, you’ll be well on your way to achieving a sculpted, radiant look that boosts your confidence and lets your natural beauty shine through.

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