Conquering Creases: Eyeshadow Application Tips for Hooded and Monolid Eyes

eyeshadow application tips
May 30, 2024

Hooded and monolid eyes bring a unique beauty to the face, but eyeshadow application can feel like a challenge. Don’t worry, though! With a few eyeshadow application tips, you can create stunning eye looks that flatter your eye shape and make your peepers pop.

Eyeshadow application tips

Here are some Eyeshadow application tips:

Understanding Your Eyes:

  • Hooded Eyes: The fold of the eyelid rests on the lash line, often obscuring part of the crease.
  • Monolids: The eyelid lacks a visible crease entirely, creating a smooth, single plane.

General Tips for Both Eye Shapes:

  • Prime Time: Always start with an eyeshadow primer. This creates a smooth canvas, prevents creasing, and helps your colors stay vibrant.
  • Lighten Up: Opt for lighter shades in the crease and on the lid. This opens up the eye area and makes it appear larger.
  • Blending is Key: Use fluffy brushes to blend your shadows seamlessly. Harsh lines will only emphasize the lack of a visible crease.
  • Highlight Power: Apply a shimmery shade or light matte color to the brow bone to draw attention upwards and create a lifted appearance.
  • Tightlining Magic: Tightlining your upper waterline with a kohl pencil or dark eyeshadow can define your eyes without overwhelming the lid space.

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Hooded Eye Hacks:

  • Finding Your Crease: Look straight ahead into the mirror and gently pat a light shade where your eyelid naturally folds when you close your eyes. This creates a “pseudo-crease” for blending.
  • Upward and Outward: Blend your eyeshadow shades upwards and outwards towards your temples. This creates a lifting effect and elongates the eye shape.
  • Wing it Right: For eyeliner, try a thin winged liner flick extending outwards from your upper lash line. Keep the line close to the lash line to avoid closing off the eye.
  • Lower Lash Line Love: Define your lower lash line with a soft, smudged line. This adds depth without overpowering the lid.

Monolid Marvels:

  • Shadow Play: Apply your eyeshadow in a gradient, with the lightest shade closest to the lash line and the darkest shade at the outer corner. Blend seamlessly to create dimension without harsh lines.
  • Graphic Appeal: Monolids are a great canvas for graphic eyeliner looks. Experiment with colored liners, cat eyes, or double liners to create a bold and dramatic look.
  • Shimmer & Shine: Don’t be afraid of shimmery shadows! Strategic placement on the center of the lid can add a touch of glamour without overwhelming the eye shape.
  • Lashes for Days: Apply mascara generously to both your upper and lower lashes. This will help to open up the eyes and create a more dramatic effect.

Product Picks:

  • Eyeshadow Brushes: Invest in a set of fluffy blending brushes and a small, pointed detail brush for tight lining.
  • Eyeshadow Formulas: Look for matte and shimmery shadows in neutral and cool-toned shades. Cream or gel shadows can also be great for their blendability.
  • Eyeliner: For hooded eyes, try a kohl pencil or a thin, angled eyeliner brush. For monolid eyes, explore gel liners, graphic eyeliners, or colorful options.

Practice Makes Perfect:

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t get it perfect on the first try! Experiment with different techniques and find what works best for your eye shape and personal style. Remember, makeup is all about having fun and expressing yourself, so embrace your unique features and create looks that make you feel confident and beautiful!

Bonus Tip: There are many helpful video tutorials online specifically designed for hooded and monolid eye shapes. Search for terms like “hooded eye makeup tutorial” or “monolid makeup tips” to find a wealth of inspiration and see these techniques in action.


With a little know-how and the right techniques, hooded and monolid eyes can become canvases for stunning and eye-catching makeup looks. By following these eyeshadow application tips, understanding your eye shape, and embracing your unique features, you can create beautiful eyeshadow applications that flatter and enhance your natural beauty. So grab your brushes, unleash your creativity, and get ready to conquer those eyeshadow looks!

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